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Automatic LCD Screen Tester / Multi Touch Tester High Technology ZL2011

Automatic LCD Screen Tester / Multi Touch Tester High Technology ZL2011

Automatic LCD Screen Tester / Multi Touch Tester High Technology ZL2011

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Nguồn gốc: Xuất xứ Trung Quốc
Hàng hiệu: Infinity Machine
Chứng nhận: CE, ISO
Model Number: RS-5610H

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Giá bán: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
Delivery Time: Shipped in 15 days after payment
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
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Chi tiết sản phẩm
Test sample: Capacitive screen 1pcs, mobile phone 2pcs Positioning accuracy control: ±0.001mm(±0.00004")
Repeated accuracy: ≤0.01mm(≤0.0004") X-Y-Z movement speed: 0~200mm/sec
Integrated weight load: 30g,150g,250g(4 sets) Dimension: 770x894x700mm
Weight: About 120kg Power source: AC220V 5A or specified by user


Automatic LCD Screen Tester / Multi Touch Tester High Technology ZL2011


Model: RS-5610H




This touch screen testing machine independently researched, developed and manufactured by our company is a high-technology product integrating precision machinery, automatic control and marking control technology, the core of which is the program of [ touch screen click marking control system] for computer control. It has the advantages of strong function, simple programming, convenient operation and low price etc. It is applicable for capacitive touch screen, mobile phone manufacture product research and development and product detection.


Patent No: ZL2011 2056 1683.X




(1). The touch panel terminal manufacturer provides test software communication protocol of IC, It can realize the mutual control between [ touch

       screen click marking control system] and its communications, so as to reach the detection of synchronism. It is compatible with many brands’

       IC, such as Cypress, Atmel, Focaltech, melfas, pixcir, Elan, ledis, SSL, Avago, senteli, Hiamx, Synossys and Goodix, etc. can meet each brand’s

       IC test requirements.


(2). It meets touch panel accuracy test, jittering test, linearity test, sensitivity test, long-time sliding test and long-time click test;


(3). Movement locus and test: convenient coordinate positioning function, it is only needed to take any three points in [ instruction program] to

      generate movement lotuses such as circular and triangle, take any two points to mark a line and any four points to mark a rectangle and it can

      also store the movement lotus according to the program of test screen for the next calling;


(4). Strong storage functions: as the test document is stored in the computer without limit of group number and test data, it is convenient for calling;


(5). It can display the current coordinate values of X,Y axis, motor driving speed and real-time position change etc. in real time;


(6). Strong test software: the software is reserved with many test methods according to the common test methods of touch panel and customers

       only need to input the touch panel size W&L and select test method (such as accuracy test and linearity test) for test ,no need editing each



(7). Touch screen marking test: The test shall proceed along any customized track. The tester clamps a copper test head to carry out the test. The

       height of the copper test head and test samples are adjustable and the frequency is adjustable too (30 ~100 times/min).


(8). Touch screen click test: the tester clamps the stylus of the mobile phone to carry out the test. The height of the stylus and test samples are

       adjustable and the frequency is adjustable too. (30 ~100 times/min).


(9). The cabinet made of with high-rigidity aluminum and the surface is subject to anodizing treatment .


(10). X, Y axis is driven with Japan Panasonic servo motor and transmitted with Japan THK precision ball screw and double THK Linear guide rail,

        with high speed, low noise and durability; with precise positioning, it has the repeated accuracy of ≤0.01mm, that is the best accuracy in the



(11). Software accurate positioning function: It can accurately position the test sample with points X1, X2 and X3; after the setting is stored for the

         first time, samples of the same specification do not need to be calibrated and positioned again with higher efficiency and accuracy.




 Model  RS-5610H
 Test sample  Capacitive screen 1pcs, mobile phone 2pcs
 X axis movement range  0~300mm (12")
 Y axis movement range  0~300mm (12")
 Z axis movement range  0~50mm
 Positioning accuracy control  ±0.001mm(±0.00004")
 Repeated accuracy  ≤0.01mm(≤0.0004")
 X-Y-Z movement speed  0~200mm/sec(12000mm/min max Servo motor driving )
 Integrated weight load  30g,150g,250g(4 sets)
 Dimension (WxDxH)  770x894x700mm
 Weight  About 120kg
 Special working table  W1400xD900xH600mm
 Power supply  AC220V 5A or specified by user




Automatic LCD Screen Tester / Multi Touch Tester High Technology ZL2011


Automatic LCD Screen Tester / Multi Touch Tester High Technology ZL2011

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